About Vic

About Vic

This blog began during my sabbatical.  I’m continuing it for a bit as I reflect on that adventure and my ongoing adventure in life.

It is a personal blog and reflects my opinions, ideas, wonderings and wanderings.

I am who I am, and that is many things: a dad; an Episcopal priest (rector of Calvary Episcopal Church, Fletcher, North Carolina, USA); left-handed and right-brained; ADD; gay; liberal-progressive; ESFP, Enneagram 9.  And much more.

During February and March of 2012.  I traveled to a monastery of the Order of the Holy Cross near Grahamstown, South Africa, Mariya uMama weThemba Monastery. For me to travel out of state is a big deal, to a different continent and hemisphere – now, that is wild.


2 Responses to About Vic

  1. Susan Ackman says:

    So happy and grateful that all is going well! Enjoyed reading your story thus far!
    Peace & love,
    Dick & Sue

  2. Fr. Bill Lugger says:

    I continuie to pray for your journey and for you…..blessings upon blessings
    love Bill

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