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Dragons, again

. . . for the first time I really understood what Arthur Schopenhauer intended in his warning, “We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people.”  . . . . Too often in an effort to be … Continue reading

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Addo – I know I shouldn’t be having this much fun

Tuesday 28 February 2012  –  While Saturday was a great day at the beach, the Pineapple, and the pub, Sunday was okay and Monday was tough.  A lot of struggling with the Holy One, the Big guy, God.  And, I … Continue reading

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The Pig & Whistle, The Big Pineapple, and the Ocean

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Yesterday, Stephen, Methuli, and I went to Port Alfred for a swim and to Bathurst for a visit to the Pig & Whistle, oldest pub in South Africa.  Along the way we saw the worlds largest (man-made) pineapple.  Truly.  Along … Continue reading

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23 February 2012       Enough praying for today. Benedictine life is based on balancing time for prayer, work, study, eating, rest, etc.  I needed some balancing today, so . . . This afternoon, I went with Stephen to St. Augustine’s Church, … Continue reading

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upside down ashes

22 February 2012 – Ash Wednesday I am in the Southern hemisphere.  The moon looks upside down.  The constellation Orion is upside down.  And for me, this Ash Wednesday is upside down.  I’m not giving out the smudges, presiding at … Continue reading

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I know . . . Not – a stormy day

Remember the first time you took psychology?  I learned all about stages and complexes and issues and stuff.  I remember thinking, “OK, well I’m over all that stuff.”  Or maybe, “I’m not going to do that / be that / … Continue reading

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Swimming in sand

19 February 2012 – “No expectations,” I said.  Let go of outcomes.  “Simply be.  Be, simply.”  That was the plan; the intention; the illusion (or delusion).  Who am I kidding?  Me, mostly. Being, simply – it ain’t as easy as … Continue reading

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